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Portable media is the ultimate cool and so are our matching speakers

Our finest audio manufacturers have entered this market and have upped the ante delivering unprecedented sound for these small packages. A phenomenal amount of digital technology is packed into every speaker, mini system and dock pushing performance to truly astounding levels. Hook up your ipod and iphone and hear every musical note, subtle overtone and harmonic resonance, an itune is only as good as the speakers that play it.


It’s your choice. For our real music aficionado customers we’ve set up fabulous floorstanding speakers from the Paradigm Reference series and the B&W 800 series (with real diamond tweeters). Our bookshelf speakers will have you wondering how they can stuff all that sound into such a little box.

Home theater speakers integrated into whole-house systems. Inside or outside, we’ve placed high performance sound in some surprising places.

Hear for yourself, we have over 40 speakers and over 25 receivers / amplifiers / preamps on display.