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Building in new home automation technology is a huge competitive advantage. Developing the appropriate, comprehensive integrated plan requires the knowledge and skills we have developed over the last three decades!

Now all you have to do is learn to use the latest automation systems. You don't have to build, program, or maintain them, and your clients certainly don't want the responsibility; that is our job. It doesn't matter if they're looking at a few rooms of music or a completely automated home, we can help you build a system that's completely integrated and as invisible as it needs to be.

Working directly with you, or if you prefer, with your clients, we'll handle all the details, from design and installation to support, and maintenance. We'll use only the finest technology and we'll get it done, on time and on budget.

We want your clients to be so happy they'll gladly recommend you and Audio Concepts!


It all comes down to the finished product. We specialize in working with the best materials and implementing intricate designs. We pride ourselves on over 30 years of providing the finest technology to meet even the most demanding client's needs. And we're experts in staying on top of the latest installation requirements.

The end result has to be perfect. It not only has to look and sound great; it needs to make financial sense for you. We strive to be the easiest sub-contractor you'll ever work with.