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Home Networks makes life easier and many would say more secure. Your home is worth monitoring and you can control your networked systems from anywhere in the world!

We offer a variety of solutions that will make your home safer and more secure. For instance, with video surveillance you can monitor your kids' rooms, any window or door, the front entryway and even the entrance to your grounds, all from your TV and computer. With IP functionality, you can do all this from your own home or anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Our systems will enable you to program light fixtures throughout your home to go on and off randomly to discourage unwanted visitors. And if someone pulls into the driveway, your monitor switches to the outdoor camera and all your lights come on outside.


You're relaxing in Aruba and your adolescent children are at home. Would you like to check in? You can with an internet connection and network cameras monitoring your house. Knowing is peace of mind.