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It all begins with our helping you choose the perfect fit for the experience you're looking for.

Enjoy a world class musical performance while cooking with friends or listen to a nice acoustic set while you’re having your morning coffee. Quality sound reproduction seamlessly adds the soundtrack you select to your life. It some ways enhancing the moment, or reliving great moments from the past… The gap between the live performance and a recording will vanish, and the hair will stand up on the back of your neck!

We can bring that experience to any and every room in your house. Your home theater can have speakers arranged into nearly any space to capture even the most demanding motion picture sound track. Large rooms can feel like concert halls. Smaller ones like an intimate cabaret.

It all begins with sharing your information on the rooms or locations you are considering enhancing. We work with you to match your requirements with the right quality components. Source components and amplifiers are matched for the highest performance. A subwoofer for the deep, rich base the musicians intended. We have a superb selection of speakers including our super thin floor standing models that take up as little as a square foot of space. We also display speakers designed to be hidden, built into cabinets or into the wall that fill your room with incredible sounds. It will all sound so real, you’ll be tempted to reach for your lighter at the end of the song.


It’s your choice. For our real music aficionado customers we’ve set up fabulous floorstanding speakers from the Paradigm Reference series and the B&W 800 series (with real diamond tweeters). Our bookshelf speakers will have you wondering how they can stuff all that sound into such a little box.

Home theater speakers integrated into whole-house systems. Inside or outside, we’ve placed high performance sound in some surprising places.

Hear for yourself, we have over 40 speakers and over 25 receivers / amplifiers / preamps on display.