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Evaluation, Design, and Documentation
The discovery phase

Whether it is reviewing a set of plans, walking a construction site, or sitting around a dining room table, we ask lots of questions. We make sure to gather all of the required information whether it means meeting with designers, contractors, or anyone else involved.

We then meticulously review a client's plans and ideas before we build a system that is right for them. Finally we invite them into the showroom to show them exactly the way their new system will look and sound.

If this meets with the client's approval, we then schedule our installation and put our plan into action.

A few weeks later a follow up visit is scheduled in order to ensure that the system is able to be used by the whole household.



With a team management approach, design challenges can be addressed by people who offer different degrees of insight and hands on experience.

Clients need to be comfortable with the budgetary numbers before we begin to develop the design and create a total engineered solution.