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Movies don’t always have happy endings,
but your home theater will.

This isn't just about watching a movie. This is about being taken to the exact world the filmmakers created. The vision they saw, you see. The sound that enveloped them, wraps around you. It goes beyond pixels, screens, speakers and even acoustic room design.

We will study your room carefully to match technology that will create your experience. Finally, we'll install your system and fine tune it until it's working flawlessly and made simple enough that your most technology challenged relative can operate. That's our happy ending. But the thrills you'll get from owning a home theater are just beginning.



Watch a movie - done.
Video games like PS3 or WII - outrageously fun. Enveloping sound— listen up.

Everything from the latest 1080p video, surround sound system with the perfect amount of power and cool features, on wall or in wall speakers and the balance of the mighty subwoofer.

Easy to use, controlled from anywhere, curtains closed and volume up - no problem we do it every day.