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Technology Meets Comfort

We take pride in blending new technologies into the home without impacting interior design and understand that every element has an impact. Whole home entertainment is the new must have and the ultimate accessory for state of the art kitchens, great rooms, family rooms, and patios. Technology should match your décor, not disrupt it.

We specialize in working with the finest materials and dealing with intricate designs. After working with clients and their changing plans for over 35 years, we know how to react quickly and provide flexible solutions. We offer comfort, style, and convenience to all facets of living. Whether it is a flat screen by the Jacuzzi or speakers that double as flower planters, we keep it easy - and you make it unforgettable!


How do you want to control the system and the room and how much control do you want? Home automation remote control comes in all forms, are fun to use, and can be the most important part of the system.

Do you want just the basics? Is a six button keypad to control the lights and music volume right for you? Or do you want it all? Is a twelve inch tabletop controller with a customized touchscreen with album art the way to go? We'll help determine right where you fit in.